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Company activity in Anji zhejiang

2018-08-08 17:17:19

2018 Annual Dinner of Zxchem

2018-06-11 11:04:11

?2018 Annual Dinner of Zxchem, Some talented young people gave a song of at the opening party and wished all a Happy New Year.

Micro Film ( SeasonⅠ)

2018-06-11 10:50:13

March is ZXCHEM system month. In order to better present ZXCHEM Employee Manual and avoid any improper behavior, ZXCHEM made a micro film(seasonⅠ) for

Funny Sports Meeting

2018-06-11 10:44:52

On April 17th , one of ZXCHEM 20th anniversary celebration activities---Funny Sports Meeting was hold at Caohejing sports stadium. Members were divide

ZXCHEM 2015 Annual Party

2018-06-11 10:40:08

ZXCHEM Annual Party was held in Shanghai on Feb. 7th 2015. All of the employees and CEO were gathering together in the restaurant to celebrate the Ne