Electrolytic Manganese Metal Ingot

Packing:In 1 MT Plastic woven bags or according the buyer requirement

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Grad 95

Mn:95%min S:0.05%max P:0.06%max, C:0.15%max Si:0.8%max Fe:3.5%max

Grad 96

Mn:95%min S:0.05%max P:0.05%max, C: 0.10%max Si:0.5%max Fe:3.0%max

Grad 97

Mn:97%min S:0.04%max P: 0.04%max, C: 0.08%max Si:0.4%max Fe:2.8%max


Application And Use:

★  Electrolytical manganese mainly used as an additive ,to increase the hardness , stiffness , and corrosion resistance of metal alloy applied to the field of steel smelting, non-ferrous alloy, Electronic Technology, chemical industry,environmental protection ,space industry ,etc

Used as principal raw material in the manufacture of the Mn-Steel and Welding Electrode because of its anti-

oxidation  property.

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ZXCHEM-Electrolytic Manganese Metal Ingot

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