Stevia extract

Appearance:White Fine Powder
Total Steviol Glycosides (%):≥ 90%,95%,98%

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White Fine Powder

Total Steviol Glycosides (%)

≥ 90%,95%,98%

Ash, % (wt/wt)

< 0.5%

Loss on Drying    %


Lead (as Pb), ppm

< 1.0

Cadmium (as Cd), ppm

< 0.1


1. Stevia is not only non-carcinogenic substances, high safety performance, 

    and contains fourteen kinds of amino acids and more than ten kinds of trace 

    elements can prevent high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, 

    it is an ideal pharmaceutical adjuvant therapy agent.

2. Stevia Extract stable to acid, alkali, heat, light, rather than fermentation, 

    thus it is a very economical food additives.

3. As stevia Extract low in calories, soluble in water or alcohol, but also a heat-resistant, 

    can be described as non-calorie sugar substitute products.

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