ZX202 Grinding and strengthening type cement grinding aid

- Mill output is increased;

- Cement quality is improved;

- Part of clinker is saved;

- Energy cost is reduced.

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- Increasing mill output. This product can effectively remove the electrostatic agglomeration due to grinding, reduce the agglomeration between cement particles, and the agglomeration between particles and pound mills. The mill output can be increased by 8~20%.

- Improving cement quality. The strength of cement at different ages can be increased significantly. The 3 days compressive strength can be enhanced by 2~5 MPa and the 28 days compressive strength can be enhanced by 3~8 MPa.

- Saving part of clinker. This product helps to mix more admixture such as volcanic ash, fly-ash, slag, limestone, etc into the cement than without using this product, so that 5~6% clinker can be saved.

- Reducing energy consumption. The electricity used in the production of per ton of cement can be saved by 3~5 kw/h.

- Others. There is no corrosive effect on grinding equipment and concrete deformation performance and durability of concrete.

Applicable for grinding of various cement.

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