ZX162 Retarding and strengthening type cement grinding aid

- Cement setting time is extended;

- Cement quality is improved;

- Part of clinker is saved;

- Energy cost is reduced.

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- Prolonging setting time. According to customer demand, cement setting time can be prolonged by 2~6 hours so that retarding cement can be produced.

- Improving cement quality. The strength of cement at different ages can be increased significantly. The 3 days compressive strength can be enhanced by 10% and the 28 days compressive strength can be enhanced by 10%.

- Saving part of clinker. This product helps to mix more admixture such as volcanic ash, fly-ash, slag, limestone, etc into the cement than without using this product, so that 5~7% clinker can be saved.

- Reducing energy consumption. The energy consumed during milling and cement delivery can be reduced.

The expressway project needs retarding cement, whose setting time is over 6~8 hours.

ZX162 is suitable for the production of slow-setting cement.

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