Solar Encapsulant Film EVA9110T and EVA9120B

• Superior  PID resistance protection for solar modules.
• Durable bonding strength with both glass and backsheet
• Excellent UV and damp-heat stability
• EVA9110T helps increase the power output of solar modules, and EVA9120B enhances the UV stability of the panels
• Good compatibility of EVA9110T with EVA9120B

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Solar Encapsulant Film EVA9110T and EVA9120B are designed for high efficient solar cells in PV modules. EVA9110T functions as the top layer, taking extra light from the UltraViolet

spectrum to help increase panel output; EVA9120B serves as the bottom layer, blocking UV light to help protect the backsheet. EVA9110T and EVA9120B are compatible with most existing lamination machines and lamination process and can provide strong, stable sealing and bonding properties in the long run.


Shelf life is 6 months under recommended storage conditions. The product should be stored indoors with the temperature controlled between 0-30°C and relative humidity below 60%, avoiding direct sunlight. The product should not be placed near any heating equipment or exposed in a dusty

place. Check the package box of stored product before unfolding. The product should be used up as soon as possible after the package is opened.

Any unused product should be properly sealed with original package or similar package.

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ZXCHEM-Solar Encapsulant Film EVA9110T and EVA9120B

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